Health Insurance Plans for Dubai

If you have recently moved to Dubai or planning to soon go to Dubai then you need to be prepared with the healthcare options. By healthcare, it means the right insurance. Surely the healthcare in UAE is amazing and Dubai of course offers no exception.

But being a first-time buyer, you surely would have tons of questions running in your mind on what are the different types of health insurance and which one to consider. That is why listed are some of the best options you can narrow down and then make your own decision.

The need for Health Insurance

It is said that if you are in UAE and being a national citizen then you must have a medical cover for yourself. Your employer as well shall give you the basic plan of health insurance as part of the law but that doesn’t really give much of the options and your family is also not covered in it.

As per the law, every Dubai resident must have private medical cover. If you are planning to get your family with you in Dubai then the insurance that your employer shall give you will not be enough. That is why it is better to look for the private medical insurance

The Healthcare system that UAE follows

Well, UAE consists of a blend of private and public healthcare solutions. Certainly, it is not 50% of the balance between the two but both are available for the choice. However, every Arab emirate comes in its certain ratio and if we count Dubai in that well it is the most extreme one with health insurance services of 20% in public while 80% in private.

The focus of Dubai’s public health care is to be used only by the emirate nationals who are eligible to get the treatment free of cost. The tests and treatments include physiotherapy, emergency care, prescription medicine, and diagnostic tests to name some. In that case ear, eye, or dental care is not covered.

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan

As the name shows, this kind of insurance plan is usually offered by the companies of health insurance located in the UAE for the individual policyholder. It gives financial coverage which is against some illness.

It also helps the individual with some of the befits such as pre-and post-hospitalization and cashless hospitalization. The whole sum assured is offered to a single person only.

  • Family Health Insurance Plans

If we focus more on the medical insurance for the family, well it is the blend of huge coverage that too within budget. You don’t have to buy different medical insurance policies for every member of the family when you can have the family plan that covers the whole family in one single coverage.

Such an insurance plan however has the restriction on the policyholders who can be one spouse or a certain number of children.

  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

This type of health insurance plan is designed for people who are above 60 years of age. This plan comes with the premium cost at the discounted deal. Even if few health insurance companies in UAE offer such a plan but it is better to speak with a health care expert on this before you buy one.

  • Group Health Insurance Plans

Such type of plan is usually given by employers. The only advantage is an employee doesn’t have to pay a huge premium but that also doesn’t deny the fact that the individual doesn’t relay get much often cover and it is only meant for the individual working in the company.

It is called a group health insurance plan because an employer can buy in chunks for all the employees working in that office. It is created as per the employee joins the office and is removed right after he leaves the company. Such type of plan comes with limited premium thoroughly.

  • Insurance Plans by Nationality

There are some medical insurance companies in the emirates that includes Dubai as well that offer better advantages for the national of UAE. Such a plan comes with different advantages for the expatriates and other nationals of the UAE.

Choosing the right one

Since it is obligatory to choose the right health insurance in Dubai there are so many options that are available in the market today. You can look for the best plan but of course, it can be a little daunting task.

That is why you must first compare the medical insurance plan and even speak with the experts. It does not matter whether you are employed or not, to have a health insurance policy is mandatory for all Dubai residents.

If the resident is uninsured then every month, the person will have to pay a fine of 500 AED. But if you buy the health insurance well the premium will of course be cheaper as compared to the fine.

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