Muhammad Ali Lakhani – Businessman and Professional in Shipping Industry Dubai

An aspired tennis player Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a well-known professional in Shipping Industry. Being a keen interest in sailing, he is also certified of an RYA level 2 captain’s license.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani was born in Dubai, UAE but spent his years between UAE, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom for his education and career. Since his childhood, he has been very energetic towards sports and his goals. During his school, he participated in multiple games wherewith his core practice he had become one of the best players in his school. Ali’s father was also a good tennis player and so is Ali Lakhani, even Ali made many achievements in tennis during his schooling.

Ali Lakhani Shipping

Ali’s father Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lakhani recognized the charm of a good player in Ali and supported him to pursue his career in sports. Ali respected his father’s support and joined the rigorous training and practice. Somehow it is not easy to maintain study and training but Ali managed that perfectly with his passion and hard work.

The day came when his endeavors shined with his first life ever achievement that is Ali Lakhani was selected to represent the UAE National Team. It was such a beautiful honor for Ali which motivated him to polish his skills more towards the professional level and then he joined Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida in the USA.

Everything was going very smoothly and suddenly Ali met with an accident which made him discontinue his training but this could not stop him from becoming a great achiever. So without wasting his time, Ali Lakhani Dubai went back to the UK and quickly moved towards the business and due to his interest, he continued his career in the shipping industry. He made plans for his career and on the first step, he applied for his bachelor’s degree in Maritime Business & Law.

After completing his bachelor’s, he continued to stay in the UK and served in multiple MNCs companies. Mr. Ali Lakhani had secured enough experience and then he decided to go back to the UAE, where he joined the Shipping Industry with all his experienced hands. And as of now, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai is an established and excellent young professional who has received a certification of an RYA level 2 captain’s license and is well known for his professionalism.

Eventually, Muhammad Ali Lakhani has developed one of his hobby for the unmanned aerial vehicles. Mr. Ali Lakhani’s appeal is to deliver cutting edge drone solutions as an additional service across the UAE’s ports with a wide range of services like aerial environmental & security surveillance and drone delivery services. Currently, Ali Lakhani Shipping is working on his vision to make that true and surely he will be successful soon.

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