Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Biography – Financial Advisor in Dubai UAE

To begin with, Muhammad is a financial advisor and creative accounting in the UAE. The role of a financial advisor in any company is significant. It is because these advisors are the best tool to channelize your funds. A financial advisor like Muhammad Tahir Lakhani enables a company to understand its financial position. They also provide them with the tools to achieve the goals of a company.

Read through the article to know about Tahir Muhammad Lakhani. This article will include information on the personal and professional life of the financial advisor.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani

Who is Muhammad Tahir?

In the first place, Tahir Lakhani was born on 5th March 1990. He is currently 30 years old. The young and dynamic Tahir Lakhani Dubai financial advisor has achieved so much. Even more, he is one of the best advisors in finance in the UAE.

Now, coming to his physical appearance, he stands tall at 6 feet and 3 inches. In addition to this, he also weighs 82 kgs. Furthermore, financial advisor, Dubai navigation Tahir Lakhani is unmarried. It is because he wants to focus on his career right now. He aims at reaching heights in his career and professional life.

Lastly, he currently runs his firm that provides outstanding financial advice. Also, he works and lives in the UAE at present.

What is Tahir Lakhani qualification?

As far as Tahir Lakhani qualification goes, he has a degree in MBA. Tahir Lakhani, funds advisor in finance, has a master’s degree in finance. In addition to this, he also has a bachelor’s degree. His specialization before doing his masters was in financial accounting.

Tahir is one of the talented persons in the industry. His educational background gave him the tools to handle tough and challenging projects. Apart from strong education, he also has experience in the field. Over the past five years, Tahir is working with the best financial firms in the industry. The practical experience of Tahir makes him the best at what he does.

What are the financial advisor hobbies?

Tahir is just not good at making tough and challenging financial decisions. He is also a great cricket player. Despite the busy schedule, he always makes time to play cricket. In addition to playing, he also enjoys watching cricket matches.

Apart from cricket, he also loves traveling. He prefers going on vacations with his friends and family. Overall, Tahir believes that a perfect balance between personal and professional life is important.

A note on the professional life of Tahir Lakhani

As mentioned-before, Tahir Lakhani is currently running a financial firm. But before starting a firm, he worked with the best finance companies. After completing his education, he began his career. Tahir’s first job was as a junior accountant in a local firm. The firm helped Tahir understand the actual working of the industry. It was also the place that provided him with firsthand knowledge of the industry.

Later on, he changed his career path. He moved to work in financial consulting firms. He never looked back after entering the financial consulting field. At present, he is one of the best financial advisors in the industry. But Tahir Lakhani news did hot hit the media easily. His hard work, determination, and previous knowledge were the reason for his success.

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani is a great financial consultant in the UAE. He is best because he has the required knowledge and understanding of the market. Today he is a successful owner of a consulting firm. The firm specializes in providing finance and accounting consultation to various companies.

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